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Yell Bangkok believes in quality over quantity when looking for new growth opportunities

CEO and CCO at Yell Bangkok, Dissara Udomdej talks us through what works for Yell in today's marketing economy


Love Andaman reveals how a campaign turned tourism’s off-season into a booming time

BANGKOK, THAILAND — With the tourism industry hard-hit because of the Covid-19 pandemic, tour firm Love Andaman partnered with creative agency Yell BKK to launch a unique and attention-grabbing campaign. The result? “Buy a tour like an island owner,” an initiative that included a special promotion, flexible travel date, and new point-of-sale.


Yell Advertising's strategic planning team reveal their goals for 2023 and beyond

In this interview with core members of Yell’s strategic planning team, LBB hears from media planning manager Anawat Praditsilp and strategic planning managers Kwunchai Pansuk, Don Gorrith, and Parichaya Mahakkapong, learning about their unique roles and responsibilities, and how their hard work is helping advance Yell’s Creative Effectiveness plan.


ฉลองตรุษจีนอย่างยิ่งใหญ่ Yell เอเจนซีไทยคว้า

4 รางวัลใหญ่ที่จีน

Yell Advertising เอเจนซีสัญชาติไทย คว้ารางวัล Gold & Silver รวม 4 รางวัล จาก 3 เวทีใหญ่ในจีนอย่าง Shanghai International Advertising Festival 2022 (SHIAF), ROI Awards Festival 2022 และ ECI Awards 2022 โดยได้แคมเปญ ‘iQIYI Sing a Wrong The Song is Right’ และ ‘CP MetaWorth’ เป็นตัวแทนในการกวาดรางวัลครั้งนี้

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